Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more notes on driving in LA

1. LA has a weird combination of really timid conservative drivers mixed with some overly aggressive crazies, which makes for all kinds of aggravating driving conditions.

2. If you drive in the left lane, you'll probably get stuck behind a car trying to make a left. If you drive in the right lane, you'll probably get stuck behind a car parked on the curb.

3. There's lots of big cars here. Not just SUVs, but pickup trucks and the like. And lots of fancy cars, of course.

4. Despite the lack of left turn signals and lanes, people do not pull up into the box to make the turn during the yellow. What's wrong with them?! I had to wait four full rounds of the traffic light to make a left at Sunset and Vine because of that.

5. No matter how far out into the boonies/mountains you're driving in California, you'll never be out of reach of an evangelical Christian radio station and a Spanish-speaking radio station.

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