Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the arclight

N and I watched the 12:01am showing of Shutter Island last Friday (Thursday night of its opening weekend). I had been looking forward to that movie for many, many months. The first time I saw its trailer in theaters in NYC last fall, I thought to myself--ohmygod, we're going to be living in LA when this movie comes out, which means I'll be watching it there! And watch it I did.

And I didn't *just* watch it; I watched it at the Arclight, a truly awesome moviegoing experience. Tickets cost extra since each of its theaters has huge high quality screens and awesome seating (not a bad seat in the house--even the very first row is great). And it's assigned seating! Meaning you can pick the exact chair you want to sit in so you don't have to get to the theater 2 hours beforehand on opening weekend to get a good seat. Or if you're someone like me who thinks that seats are so important that I'd rather not watch the movie at all if it's in a bad seat. For Shutter Island we were in row Y, seats 15 and 16:

Arclight elevates the whole movie going experience to a a real theater going experience. And since we live on Sunset Blvd, we're actually only a few blocks away from the theater so we walked there and back. Very un-LA-like, but much more fun in the end. Oh--and the movie rocked.

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