Friday, February 12, 2010

onto year five!

It was me and N's (mine and N's? N and me's?) four year anniversary yesterday. How to celebrate such an occasion? Pizza and ice cream cake! Well, not just any pizza. Pizza picked up from Mozza2Go, one of the best foodie pizza places in LA. We got two pizzas: the Coach Farm goat cheese, leek, scallion, garlic & bacon pizza, and the salami, mozzarella, Fresno chile & tomato pizza. We also got the roasted brussels sprouts with prosciutto breadcrumbs, which was fannn-tastic. We'll definitely be back at Mozza2Go soon.

And, well, the ice cream cake was from Baskin Robbins. I couldn't get that ice cream and cake and cake commercial song out of my head, so I just had to get one!