Thursday, February 4, 2010

the best ramen in LA

LA is supposed to have some of the best ramen in the country. According to various reviews, the general consensus is that Daikokuya is the place to go, which meant we had to go there, of course! It's in Little Tokyo in downtown LA, which is a pretty nice area. N and I semi-considered renting a loft in that area--I was mostly interested in it due to the neighborhood.

Anyway, back to the ramen at Daikokuya. We went on a Wednesday night at 8pm and ended up waiting for an hour for a table, which put me in a grumpy mood. Luckily, we're in LA so waiting outside for an hour in February was actually very pleasant. And it was worth the wait. It is hands-down, by far, the BEST ramen I've ever had. The broth was rich and had the perfect mouth-feel of the sulungtang at Gahm Mi Oak. I still have a soft spot for the ramen in Manhattan...I like the salty (almost chemical) taste of it. But the ramen at Daikokuya tasted real. They claim to boil pork bones overnight to get the broth just right, and the slices of pork they include in the bowl literally melt in your mouth. It is SO. GOOD. N and I barely exchanged any words while we were eating because we were too busy shoveling the perfectly cooked noodles in our mouths.

If this ramen is truly the best LA has to offer...I am not disappointed!

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mia said...

mmm... can we get some good ramen when I visit? so much food, so little time... and I think my unstoppable stomach is showing signs of wear these days.