Thursday, February 18, 2010

cable in california sucks/netflix is awesome

This whole Pacific coast time thing has major drawbacks. First of all, according to some of the country, I'm getting up three hours later than I think I am. Second of all, TV runs on Eastern time! Network TV adjusts for the time change, but cable doesn't. Which means that infomercials and other crap start running at 1am here. 1am! That's like--barely nighttime! That would be like infomercials starting right after the late show on the east coast. Ridiculous. It really makes cable much more useless to me.

Another thing that makes cable much more useless is my PS3 and our new Netflix account. Now that we can stream unlimited material online onto our TV for $11/month, I'm watching less and less cable. I caught up on The Office and am making my way through all of South Park. Netflix streaming is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. We're semi-considering canceling cable at this point.

We extended our lease another 6 months, which means we're going to be in our apartment for a year. We think we have a pretty good deal, and we really like our location in Hollywood, which is surprising to me. Still looking for that job, though...

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