Sunday, October 16, 2011

LA Printers Fair

A couple weekends ago, N and I went to the LA Printers Fair. I found out about it from Craft--a really hit-and-miss blog, but sometimes it digs up hidden this fair. And the blog isn't even specific to LA (it just covers general craft projects), so I was really lucky to find it there!

The first thing I saw about this fair was that it was going to be held at the International Printing Museum. First off, I had no idea such a museum existed and I thought it was fantastic that it does. Then I was very excited to see that it's located in Carson, less than an hour's drive south of us! I made immediate plans to attend the next day.

The fair (and the museum!) did not disappoint. The museum had old presses and printers all over the place and a few volunteer guides who showed how they work. I loved watching the old Heidelberg presses--it's mesmerizing seeing them go. And the final printed pieces look fantastic.

We walked into one room where people were lined up for...something. I didn't even know what it was for, but I figured I should join in. I eventually figured out that everyone was waiting to have a custom metal slug with their name on it produced on the spot for $1! I got way too excited about it. Watching the Linotype machine working was amazing:

And right after our slugs were produced, they used them to print a little decorative card on a Vandercook Proof Press:

Here's a close up of the slugs we took home with us. Neat, huh?:

There were also a bunch of graphic designers/vendors selling their letterpressed cards and calendars. And there were actual old printers for sale! Really old ones (most were missing parts, completely rusted and needed repair) but I had a good time longingly gazing at them. And wondering how they work. And if I'd ever be able to have one of my own...

Anyway, along with printers there were also a lot of old random metal type pieces for sale, including this set of absolutely tiny Chinese characters which was amazing (click on the photo to zoom in, please):

The fair was great and I am really, really glad that we went. And to's lots more photos!:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

almost forgot!

Stewie's birthday came and went--he's SIX now! We took him to Griffith Park that weekend for his present (I've baked dog treats for him for his bday in the past, but I barely do any cooking anymore [sadly]). He usually loves Griffith Park, but this time we hiked uphill on a trail a bit farther than we've ever gone before and he suddenly sat down and refused to move. But when we turned around to go back downhill, he suddenly had tons of energy to walk again. What a wuss.

Also, way back in July, we went to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time ever! It reminded me of Ravinia in Chicago except there was no lawn space since it's up in the hills...just lots and lots of stadium seating. We went to a fun performance--West Side Story was projected on big screens and the LA Philharmonic performed the score to the movie while it was playing. Definitely made the already awesome music that much awesomer.