Thursday, October 6, 2011

almost forgot!

Stewie's birthday came and went--he's SIX now! We took him to Griffith Park that weekend for his present (I've baked dog treats for him for his bday in the past, but I barely do any cooking anymore [sadly]). He usually loves Griffith Park, but this time we hiked uphill on a trail a bit farther than we've ever gone before and he suddenly sat down and refused to move. But when we turned around to go back downhill, he suddenly had tons of energy to walk again. What a wuss.

Also, way back in July, we went to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time ever! It reminded me of Ravinia in Chicago except there was no lawn space since it's up in the hills...just lots and lots of stadium seating. We went to a fun performance--West Side Story was projected on big screens and the LA Philharmonic performed the score to the movie while it was playing. Definitely made the already awesome music that much awesomer. 

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