Sunday, June 5, 2011

Griffith Park

One of the great things about our apartment is our proximity to Griffith Park. It's a humongous park with lots of hills and great trails to hike. We've been a few times, but we really haven't taken advantage of it as much as we should. Dogs are allowed, but not off-leash (sadly). Stewie absolutely LOVES it there. Right when we drive in, he starts sniffing like craziness and scrambles to get out of the car. Parking is always easy and everything is so accessible!

A selection of photos from our trips there:

After every trip, we have to spend lots of time pulling burrs, leaves, twigs, grass seed, and other various foliage out of Stewie's fur:

finally...a real los angeles taco truck!

I am completely ashamed that it took me and N over a year of living in LA to finally eat from an authentic taco truck. And I'm not talking about that fusion crrrap (I don't want any kimchi in my tacos)...I mean the real thing. There are two trucks just a few blocks from us: one parked at an old abandoned gas station and another at a closed auto repair shop. We've probably driven by both over a hundred times...each time thinking to ourselves, "why haven't we eaten there yet??" Finally, FINALLY, we walked (how not-LA of us) down to the truck at the gas station to get some real food:

N got a barbacoa burrito and I got a carnitas burrito. This was our first time eating at a taco truck, so everything about the trip was interesting. Each burrito came in a little Styrofoam tray with some really fresh-tasting tortilla chips, a lime wedge, a grilled Serrano pepper (at least we think it was a Serrano), a piece of raw radish, and what seemed like a par-boiled carrot:

An interesting combo of flavors all around. The pepper was awesome tasting, but also pretty darn HOT. The tortillas that wrapped the burritos were so pleasantly thin--I have a perpetual problem with the wrapper-to-filling (or bread-to-filling) ratio of foods, as I always think there's too much tortilla compared to the meat. But this one was perfect. The carrot and radish seemed kind of random to me, but I found myself naturally eating my way through them...probably to bring some freshness/bitterness to the very savory burrito. It was pretty great. I'm sure we'll be back soon.