Sunday, March 14, 2010

our first LA repertory theater experience

N and I had a little night out this past Friday. We headed over to Santa Monica and did some shopping (I needed clothes for my new job!), ate at a sushi place called Sushi King (not bad...and eating sashimi kept in line with our diet), and watched a movie at the Aero theater. Not just any movie--the ever-famous Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, and it was shown in 70mm.

What's 70mm, you say? Well, that's what I said when N asked if I wanted to go to the screening. Apparently it's about twice the size of the standard 35mm reel that movies are shot in, so the image resolution is supposed to be much better and it can support more sound-related information. Not many theaters are equipped to play 70mm, so that's the kind of stuff that makes the nonprofit Aero theater special.

I'd never seen Vertigo, so it was about time. I'm no film expert, but it was cool to see the movie in one of its restored prints. Knowing part of the history of the physical film you're watching flickering before your eyes in a theater adds a very nice dimension to the movie watching experience. I thought the sound was great. But that could have just been the film's awesome soundtrack. As for Hitchcock, I'm finding that his films are not to my taste...from the four I've seen so far, at least. haha.

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