Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mexican food

Two reasons why I wanted to move to LA: 1) Korean food, and 2) Mexican food. Loteria Grill at the LA Farmers Market has some of the best Mexican food around, although it's not particularly cheap. N and I have been there a couple times so far, and it's always fantastic. And we *love* eating at the farmers market. There's a great feel to the place. I ordered Carnitas en Salsa Morita and a watermelon agua fresca to drink:

It came with a few warm tortillas on the side and rice and black beans. The carnitas was so tender and the salsa was perfect! And I always love me some agua fresca. N was feeling adventurous and ordered a chicharron en salsa verde burrito, which is all pork rinds. But not fried or crispy pork rinds--it was pale and squishy pork rinds. I didn't try any, but it didn't look very tasty from where I was sitting. I gave him some of my carnitas.

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