Wednesday, March 17, 2010

work-a work-a work-a

I've worked here for one week so far and it's been an endlessly interesting experience so far. The first shocking thing about my office was that there is no coffee available there. No coffee maker, no coffee pot. No tea available, either. I've never seen an office that didn't keep its workers swimming in caffeine before. Is it because of UC budget cuts? Or are people just more laid back and less caffeinated here? I asked coworkers about it, and their response was "hmm...I guess you're right. I never noticed!"

Being back on a college campus is pretty strange, too. I'm always afraid I'm going to be mistaken for an undergrad. Actually, I went on a campus tour last week just to get to know my way around and I ended up joining a bunch of high school juniors who were on the tour, and I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was one of them. My understanding of a "college campus" is so warped from Columbia. The tour of UCLA took a solid 2.5 hours! I'm pretty sure it would take less than an hour to tour all two blocks of Columbia. And UCLA has the smallest campus of all the UC's.

It was finals week last week so I overheard a lot of conversation on campus like "dude, that test was sooo easy!" and "what did you get on number 3???" I'm so glad I don't have to be forced to care about exams anymore. They are a bunch of hooey.

I also saw this sign on campus:

One of the annoying things about NYC is that people smoke on sidewalks, and the wind tunnels on some of the streets and avenues would carry the smoke for blocks until it hit you square in the face. Good old California has figured out how to solve that problem!

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