Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yep. N and I started a diet (albeit an unsophisticated one) ten days ago. We're both much heavier than we'd like to be, and it's taking its toll on our daily activities---it is so much easier to be lazy when you're overweight.

We had the vague idea that we'd lose weight once we moved to LA, but I really needed some time to gorge on some In-N-Out and koreatown food before we committed. And needless to say, that only added to our problem. But the time has come, and we've been doing a relatively good job of sticking to it. We've both lost a couple pounds so far.

The bare bones of our diet is as follows: steel cut oatmeal for breakfast (that was covered in a previous post), a diet-y frozen meal for lunch (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, or Eating Right), and veggies and chicken breast cooked for dinner. Snacks consist of whole fruits or baby carrots or fat free yogurt/fruit smoothies made with our new blender. And because I am the kind of person who can be done in by sugar cravings, there's also low fat Oreos in the cupboard (although I've only had three of the cookies so far).

I also *love* eating out and trying new food as most of you know, so eating out isn't 100% verboten, although we rarely do it now (that celebratory dinner at BCD Tofu House yesterday truly was a treat...the only time we've eaten food from a restaurant in 10 days. That might be a record!). It's not a very strict diet (we have egg white/veggie heavy breakfasts sometimes instead of oatmeal, boca burgers for dinner instead of chicken), but we at least have a default go-to plan if nothing else comes up, which makes things much easier.

I also declared that if we are hosting out-of-town visitors, all bets are off. So if you come see us--don't worry, you won't be subjected to our boneless skinless chicken breasts :)

The timing of this diet is a little sad, though. Zach's new LA-based Midtown Lunch blog is up and running. I'll have to wait several weeks before trying out his new recommendations...

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