Saturday, January 16, 2010

friends and family

Could we have done this move without the help of our friends and family? Probably, but it would have been about a million times more tortuous and stressful. N and I woke up four of our friends at 9am this Saturday morning to haul ass down to Brooklyn to help us load up a 16' Penske truck with our furniture. We offered all of our furniture for free to N's extended family, and they snatched up about 80% of everything, which is very helpful for us. Dealing with craigslist and trying to sell pieces one by one is sooooooo frustrating. There's gotta be some kind of craigslist-frustration equivalent to road rage, because seriously, it makes my blood boil. I've been trying to get rid of a few items for FREE on craigslist for the past few days, and have already had 5 different appointments flake on me.

N's currently driving the truck upstate to parcel out the goodies to his family. His parents will drive him back down to the city tomorrow, and they are going to spend a day with us to tie up loose ends and to say goodbye. There's only two large pieces of furniture left to be rid of: my desk and a couch (both of which can go free) but I'm not getting any [reliable] takers. Anybody want a desk or an old couch?

So I am now sitting in a 95% empty apartment, and it's weird. You'd think that it would feel bigger with all the stuff out of it, but it actually feels smaller. What's up with that?

Stewie and I just got back from his vet appointment. He's got a little conjunctivitis going on, but the vet still approved of his flight on Thursday. And he's up to date with all his shots now! He will be getting a lot of antibiotic-laced cheese treats for the next several days, though.

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