Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day #2 (last Friday)

While we still had the van we rented, we needed to get all of the furniture we were going to use for our place. And no move would be complete without a trip to IKEA. It was definitely an all-day, energy-consuming affair that took a lot of measuring and planning. We got 90% of our furniture there, though, and ate Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria. We also got this for Stewie:It's supposed to be a toy for a kid's room, but Stewie loves it! He quickly learned how to go in one end and out the other with the help of some chicken treats (bought in bulk from Costco, of course). Maybe he'll become an agility dog! Haha--that is not very likely. He is a lap dog through and through. The one downside is that he's also learned to try to hide in it whenever we have to leave the apartment. That sneaky dog.

I think we'll try to use it to connect the bedroom to the living space and see if he uses it as a kind of hallway between the rooms...

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stwabewwies said...

that's hilarious, i was just over at a co-workers place and they have the exact same tunnel for their kids. they go crazy for it.