Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day #1 (last Thursday)

Once we unloaded all of our luggage into our new apartment (which is pretty great so far!), we did one thing we have always fantasized about--got a Costco membership. I love buying things in bulk...I love it a bit too much. There's a Costco in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, but without a car to lug big items home it's pretty pointless to go there. We got an *executive* membership (2% cash back on everything!) and went a bit crazy buying bulk toilet paper, bulk paper towels, bulk napkins, bulk kleenex, even bulk carrot juice. We also saw the biggest russet potatoes we had ever seen before (that's N's thumb below):

We headed over to Target to pick up some more items afterward. Wow, driving feels good. I love it! And we had our first meal in LA:

In-N-Out, of course!! I got a single with cheese and a vanilla shake. N got a double-double. In-N-Out is soooooo good.

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