Monday, January 23, 2012

Stewie Jung: A Photo Essay

Today marks Stewie's 3rd year arrival anniversary! In honor of such a momentous occasion, I baked special treats packed with all his favorite foods.

Shredding carrots (one of Stewie's favorite treats).

"Does this food involve me? I think it does..."

Cheese (another one of Stewie's faves), carrots and olive oil.

Combining dry ingredients (flour, whole wheat pancake mix and some baking powder) separately from wet.

Korean sweet potato, chicken stock and garlic also went into the mix (more of Stewie's faves). A tasty combo, no?

Stewie, do you want to try some batter before it goes in the oven?

"Yes, I would like to try some!"

"I think there's some on my nose..."

"Is it still there?"

"Got it!"

Getting ready to go in the oven...


The finished product! Stewie, do you want to try it?

"For me???"


"Seconds, please!"

Stewie loves his new treats!

This post was inspired by Maru.


stwabewwies said...

hahahahaha love it!!! his haircut is adorable

mia said...

stewie's living the life. Will I get treats for our 14th friendiversary?

debra said...

Sorry Mia, no treats for you. The cheese in those treats was actually a super-gourmet kind, but it was too stinky for our taste. So it all went to Stewie...there was probably ten bucks of fancy cheese in those treats!