Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time to move-move-move

It's finally time for N and I to say goodbye to our current apartment. We received notice that our rent would be increasing by 10% starting in April, so it's time to leave. This apartment has been the longest I've ever lived in one spot since before high school. When we move out, it will have been an amazing 2 years and 1 month! I think that's pretty darn good for a place we signed a lease for without even laying eyes on it.

Things I'm going to miss about our current apartment:
  • The light. Our main wall is basically all windows which really opened up the space.
  • The hardwoord floors. They're nice and clean and new.
  • The cork flooring in the bathroom. I'd never lived with cork flooring before, but now that I have--if I ever get to build my own bathroom one day, it will definitely have cork flooring. It's easy to clean and isn't cold, hard and clammy like tile.
  • Paying rent with my credit card. This is a new option the building just started offering a couple months ago, and it is awesome. Besides being able to rack up more rewards points on my card, I was able to do away with those dreaded, inconvenient, why-in-the-world-do-we-still-use-this-stone aged-payment-method practice of writing paper checks.
  • And...probably most of all...the fact that we could get away with tandem parking our second car in the underground garage without having to pay for it. That is quite the find in Los Angeles. Ah--the beauty of non-assigned parking!

Things I'm definitely NOT going to miss about our current apartment:
  • The ever-changing management. The building owner/management office changed hands three times while we lived in the building. Each changeover came with a new set of amenities that were taken away and unclear rules on who to make our rent checks out to.
  • The sealed windows. Yes, we are unable to open our windows, so instead of being able to take advantage of L.A.'s moderate temperatures we have been forced to run air conditioning when it was completely cool outside. The negative side of having tons of windows? It makes your apartment into a greenhouse. Which brings me to my next item:
  • The ever-unreliable central air conditioning. We were fine 90% of the year, but during those hot spells of summer the air conditioning could never keep up. Management called in a few repairmen who didn't know what they were doing and they just never were able to fix it.
  • Living in a STUDIO apartment. Yes, N and I have somehow survived living in one room together for over two years (with me using my laptop sitting on the couch and him using his laptop on the kitchen island), but it is time for us to get some desks.

We signed a lease for a new place just last night. We're moving to Koreatown! More on that later...

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