Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 holiday recap

N, Stewie and I flew to upstate New York, then San Francisco, and finally rented a car and drove back down to LA for the holidays. We were gone for a solid 14 days and had a great time! We baked cookies, bowled, ate, shopped, played board games and exchanged tons of presents. A quick photo/video recap:

Stewie getting into the holiday spirit at N's parent's place. He makes a cute reindeer, no? That's Minnie in front:

I also helped N's parent's make divinity fudge for the first time ever! They have an old family recipe we used--I had never even tasted divinity fudge ever before, so it was pretty fun learning about it. We made chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, peanut butter and maple flavors. Here they are drying on the kitchen table:

An overly adorable photo of my one-year-old niece Hannah walking with my parents:

Hannah loves to dance when any kind of beat is playing (this time it's to Sesame Street):

Here she is giving a kiss ("bbo bbo" in Korean) to my sister:

Can you say kyoot?

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