Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dodgers follow-up/may gray

I couldn't write very much at the game on Sunday on my Droid--although I do love android, they have a lot of kinks to figure out. The blogger interface just wasn't working well in Dolphin or Opera Mini...anyway...

Here's a picture of the FANTASTIC garlic fries at Dodger Stadium. They were soooo. good.

And a picture of the game, too, I guess :)

Unfortunately, the day started out pretty gray. We've entered that time of year that people around here call the "May gray" or "June gloom," which basically means--sometimes, it's cloudy. *gasp*. I'm already spoiled, though...I still complain when it's not 100% clear and sunny outside. The day did get sunnier, though, but our seats were on the west side of the stadium so we were in the shade. The next time we go to a game, I'm definitely going to try to get seats on the east side to get more sun!

I don't know much about baseball, and I certainly don't know anything about the Dodgers, but it was still FUN!! Despite the fact that I was in the bathroom when the only home run was hit by the Dodgers...followed by the closer running out onto the field (which is my favorite part of baseball games). Oh, well. We'll just have to go again :)

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