Monday, May 3, 2010


My personal efforts in our diet have certainly gone downhill. I've been getting a lot of intensive dental work done which restricts the kinds of food I can eat (it's gotta be mushy, mushy, mushy), and having tooth pain just makes me want to eat junky processed foods to give me some kind of happiness. Meanwhile, N has lost a whopping 20 pounds. Twen-ty! (Which is more of a testament to how big he used to be as opposed to how skinny he is now, but still.) I plateaued at -6 lbs for the past week. I keep telling myself once all my dental stuff is done I'll get back on the bandwagon...right now the pain's so annoying all I can do is sit here and think, "PAAAAAAAAIN."

We did take another detour, though. On Midtown Lunch's suggestion, this past weekend we went to get Korean kahlgooksoo at Myoung Dong Kyo Ja, which some say has the best kahlgooksoo in the city. I didn't see a single non-Korean in the packed place, so that was a good sign. Some waitresses couldn't speak English, so when I asked for an extra plate (in English), I was responded to in a lot of Korean to which I said "Okay," while vigorously nodding, although I had no idea what she said. The extra plate never arrived.

Ban chan consisted of super garlicky kimchee (and mool kimchee, which was fantastic).

We also got an order of steamed mandoo (dumplings)--they were packed full of ground pork and green onions, kind of like a Korean version of the chive dumplings you get at dim sum. They were tassssty.

And, of course, the kahlgooksoo. It also came with a few dumplings in the soup, and topped with ground pork. Altogether a very homey, cheap, satisfying meal. A very nice find.

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