Thursday, May 13, 2010

bike, no gears

N keeps making fun of me for wanting this bike (look how cheap it is! and cute, of course).

I just want to perch on top of a big, comfortable seat and leisurely coast around the I have to sit on a road bike with my head low and my butt sticking out and switch between 20 gears to avoid embarrassing myself?? I guess so. The only bike I had growing up was a single gear pink Schwinn that was passed down from my sister and had a big banana seat from the 70s...and I LOVED it and rode it nonstop. I don't know what to do with so many gears! I'm also always stumped by how brakes are on handles...that Schwinn had the kind where you just pedal backwards to brake. I also was in love with the bikes Liberty of London came out with at Target, but they were limited editions and are gone now...only the girl's size is left. A small part of me does feel pretty lame for loving these bikes. And I think I probably would feel slightly embarrassed riding one in public...

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stwabewwies said...

all it needs is a basket for stewie jung