Sunday, April 4, 2010

a quake, a quake, oh what a mess they make!

N and I just experienced our second earthquake since we got here in late January. Actually, it was my first, since I slept through the first one...kindof. N shook me awake in the middle of the night saying "Did you feel it?? Did you feel it???" and I mumbled something like "leave me alone I'm tired" and went back to sleep.

I knew earthquakes were here (I experienced one when I was at Berkeley for 9 months) but I certainly didn't expect them to be this frequent. According to the government, Southern California gets several hundred quakes a year that you can actually feel. The past two felt like waves, whereas the one I felt in Berkeley felt like vibration. It was enough to make our blinds and hanging pots clank together.

My cubicle at work has a bright red construction hat in it and I thought it was leftover from someone's Halloween costume. Apparently everyone has one at their desk for earthquakes! I grew up in Illinois where everyone's fears revolved around tornadoes; I know nothing of earthquake safety. Should probably brush up on that.

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