Thursday, April 15, 2010

marina del rey

A couple days ago, I had to visit a fulfillment house for work in Marina del Rey so N picked me up from there at the end of the day. We hadn't been to Marina del Rey yet, so he brought Stewie in the car and we decided to walk along the water for a bit. Unfortunately, that particular beach doesn't allow dogs on the sand (leash or no leash), so we were relegated to walking along the sidewalks and piers. Still beautiful, though! We saw a seal in the water and heard it barking, along with a rowing crew team and lots of interesting birds. There was also this weird phenomenon of people sitting in parked cars staring at the water. The water was lined with lots of empty benches and the weather was beautiful...why would anyone want to sit inside their sealed-up car and look at the outside world through glass instead of just exiting their car??? There are a lot of things about LA that I still don't get.

That's Stewie trying to stick his snout between the fence rails to look at the water.

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