Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LA purchase #1

Just made my first just-for-LA purchase. At the suggestion of LA Magazine's blog, I bought this:

While N is excited to move to LA for the year-round grilling opportunities, I'm excited to possibly have the space and weather to grow things I can eat! In my last apartment, I tried to grow one small pot of mixed herbs from seeds. They managed to grow a tiny amount so I could make about 3 pieces of bruschetta with tiny leaves of basil before they died. I've been much more successful in my current apartment (thanks mostly to more window space and good light). This time I didn't start from seed, but bought seedlings at nearby gardening stores and farmers markets. I started with basil, rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, sage, chives, silver thyme, cilantro, and parsley. Now our apartment is overflowing with herbs, but the parsley died out pretty quick. The cilantro was also short-lived--it bolted pretty quickly and became useless after that. (By the way--lemon thyme? I wasn't very familiar with it, but now I think it's pretty amazing. I use it for a substitute for lemon juice when I don't have any fresh lemons on hand. Of course it doesn't have the acidity of lemon juice, but the smell is overwhelmingly similar).

Having fresh herbs on hand is awesome, but being able to grow something more substantial is really my dream. And not really in pots, but in the ground. The ground! There are actually a good amount of guests houses and cottages in the LA area for rent that come with private yards. If N and I could get one of those...what a dream. For Stewie, too.

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