Sunday, October 11, 2009

NYC lasts

We've finalized the last day of our lease with our landlord--January 22, 2010, a week after the 1-year lease we signed ends. Our last day at the office will probably be the 15th, which means we'll leave NYC on the 21st or 22nd. Our first major detail has been settled!

Now, suddenly everything I do could be the last time I do it in NYC. Or, possibly, ever! The New York Film Festival just ended, and with N in my life, it's become a regular annual event for me, also. The last screening I watched was "Mother", a Korean film, yesterday afternoon. The new Alice Tully Hall is pretty awesome. I love how it integrates outdoor space with its interior space. And the all-glass facade is great, too.

After the screening, N and I wandered uptown towards the Upper West Side Shake Shack for lunch. It is amazing how much that area has changed since I was at Columbia. I only recognize a few storefronts that are still there. We ended up passing Niko's along the way and decided to eat there, instead. Niko's is nothing special--a Greek restaurant with a huge menu and cheesy decor. The reason why N and I decided to eat there, though, is that the last time we ate dinner there was 7 years ago in 2002. We had recently become friends, and we were both feeling each other out to see if the other was interested in anything more. And we both concluded that we had no chance with the other. And now, several years later, we are approaching the fourth year of our relationship. Crazy.

So, that was definitely the last time I would ever eat at Niko's. Also probably the last time I'll ever attend the New York Film Festival. The time has come to make a list of things in NYC I have to do (or do again) before I leave. That will come in a future post...

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JSK said...

this post made my eyes tear...
twofold- 1)we don't want you guys to leeaaavee & 2) how sweet are you and N!