Tuesday, September 29, 2009

why country city mouse?

My blog title. I guess it doesn't quite make sense since I'm writing about moving from one big city to another, but I think I chose this title while thinking about a future even farther away than this move.

Of course it refers to the old story that different people take away different things from. When I first read the story when I was a kid, I thought the country mouse was an idiot--a naive, risk-averse simpleton that would ultimately miss out on life. But as I get older, I (unsurprisingly) gravitate towards the country mouse's desires. I wrote in an earlier post that living in NYC is living the extreme urban life. And somewhere down the line, I see myself living the rural life. How extreme, I'm not sure, but something pretty isolated and hands-on. Great open spaces, lots of land, animals, and growing things have always been very appealing to me. But so has the city, which has won out so far. For how long, we'll see.

But hopefully, this blog will follow me through a time beyond LA. Who knows about that though--I've probably started something like seven blogs in my life that lived very short lives. This one's lasted the longest so far, though!


Anonymous said...

Unsurprising to whom? Maybe surprising to your past self, even if it's not surprising now. Either way, watch out for catz.

deb said...

Unsurprising in general--don't most people tend to favor a calmer, more spacious and slower life as they get older?