Sunday, December 5, 2010


I came across a Travelzoo deal for $10 tickets to a couple upcoming Clippers games and asked N if he was interested. It turned out that stubhub actually had tickets for more interesting games for even cheaper, so we ended up going to the Staples Center a couple weeks ago to watch the Clippers go up against N's precious New York Knicks.

Even though our tickets were $2 each, parking cost $20! We were in some super nosebleed-y seats, though...I think we were in the second row from the tippy top of the entire stadium. It was slightly vertiginous. 

This was the first time I had been to the Staples Center and I was pretty impressed with how new and clean and modern it was. We cheered for the Knicks and they ended up winning easily. There were a few Knicks fans around us, which I was surprised by. 

I didn't know a thing about the Clippers until we attended this game. I learned their star player is a rookie named Blake Griffin and that he's pretty fantabulous. He had a couple of almost riot-inducing slam dunks during the game and also scored over 40 points, which was a career high for him. I wanted to find out more about him so I read his Wikipedia entry on my Droid during the game, which I think makes me a huge nerd.

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