Monday, August 18, 2008

new york city nights

When the weather in NYC is great, it feels GREAT. Maybe because those days are so few and far between, but definitely the entire city feels like it comes to life when the temperature and the sky and the breeze are just right.

We had that perfect weather this past weekend. And when one of those days come around, I want to go to water. Any water! The more obvious Manhattan choice is South Street Seaport, but for some reason that area gives me the a bad way. So instead, N* and I planned an evening that went like this:

1) Eat Korean fried chicken at bonbon
2) Head westward and catch a movie at the Battery Park theater (one of the best overlooked theaters in NYC, in my opinion)
3) Take a walk along the southern edge of Manhattan

Well, we got #1 and #3 done. When we got to the theater, none of the films jumped out at us so we headed to the water. And it was BEAUTIFUL. The crappy cell phone photo above makes it seem gross, but it was great. We saw the Jersey skyline, the Brooklyn skyline, and of course the Statue of Liberty along the walk. I know people love to hate this area of Manhattan, but really...if you had money or if you could find an apartment on the water in Battery Park for $500/month would you not live there?? I beg to differ. It was pretty late at night, and we passed a few couples sitting together on benches, a group or two rush by on their roller blades, and some singles walking their dogs. Enough people to not be creepy, but a small enough number to make you feel alone.

I do have a fear that the constant perfect weather in LA would be boring to me. But honestly, if the heat doesn't reach the humidity+heat level of NYC summers...I think it will be totally worth it.

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