Wednesday, August 13, 2008

chronicling an epic tale of adventure...

I've lived in NYC for seven years now. The first two years I absolutely despised it (especially its native inhabitants), the next four years I absolutely loved it (and became one of its native inhabitants), and the past year...well...I've become "meh." Meh is the best way to describe it. I do have those moments where I look around and see fascinating foods in Chinatown or the beautiful water edging DUMBO and think, "Only in New York!", but those times are becoming less and less frequent. But what has been increasing in frequency are the times I look around myself and see piles of garbage on the sidewalks, rats running down subway tracks, shockingly mean people who only care about themselves, and think, "Only in New York." I definitely always had these negative thoughts about NYC, even at the height of my love for it, but living here was sooooo worth it back then that it didn't mean much to me.

So...Los Angeles, then. I could use a big change. I'd specifically like to be somewhere with pleasant, invigorating weather. And yes, please, DRY heat. And I'd love to live in an apartment with more than one exposure! With sunlight coming in all day long! Where I can open two windows and feel an actual flow of air! Where the kitchen isn't an alley and has tons of counter space! What a dreamland. (I could probably get what I just listed almost anywhere except NYC, though.)

When I first started pondering this move, I scoured the internet for perspectives on NYC and LA. What I really looked for was someone's story of relocating from NYC to LA. I couldn't find any such thing, so I decided to start this blog as a way for me to flush out my own thoughts about this coastal move, and as a way of helping anyone else out there who may be considering the same thing.

Here it begins: the bests and the worsts of NYC and LA.

Had lunch today at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Okay, there's one location between LA and Long Beach, but in NYC there's one a few blocks away from my office and also one a few blocks away from my apartment, so I'm gonna count it as a feature of NYC. And I have to say, it was pretty darn good.

But then again, LA has In-N-Out. And at In-N-Out, you can get great burgers (not as good as Five Guys') but at a much cheaper price. And you can eat lunch at the same In-N-Out with Gene Simmons from Kiss in LA. Not that I'm a Kiss fan, but they're pretty entertaining.

It's a close one, but I'm gonna have to go with LA on this round.

PS: I'm really hoping to hear from some hardcore New Yorkers and LA lovers in the coment section of this blog. Duke it out, people!

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