Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Huntington Beach continued

Some more Stewie photos from our trip to Huntington Beach for all you fans out there, who are ALL of you, of course. Who wouldn't be a Stewie fan??

1: Unleashing the wild beast.

2: Waiting until the beast realizes he's free (sometimes he can be a little slow).

3: Realization hits!

4: The beast springs to life!

5: He's off!

6: And away he goes...

7: ...only to be rudely tackled by an over zealous pup along the way. I merrily laugh at his humiliation.

8. Stewie: "I have my eye on you, waves. You'll never get me wet."

9. Stewie: "..."

 10: Stranger dog: "Mmm, a tasty white and fluffy marshmallow treat just for me..."

11: Stewie clings to me for dear life.

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stwabewwies said...

yayyyy so many stewie posts!!!