Sunday, May 22, 2011

what i want to eat everyday

I made this cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread (with this recipe) several weeks ago and completely forgot to blog about it. And it's definitely blog-worthy...just LOOK at it! (yes, this is a crappy cell phone photo...I really wish I had used the DSLR, because this pic does not do it justice):

Each layer of dough is slathered with a combination of browned butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Then they're all stacked together and placed in the pan like a deck of cards on its side. Here it is before its second rise:

When it comes time to eat, you can pull each individual layer off to snack on. It takes awhile to make with all the rising and rolling out the dough and everything...but I can easily say it's 100% worth it. And so awesomely rustic-looking!

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