Sunday, April 10, 2011

LA Arboretum

Since I had no idea how our trip to E. Waldo Ward & Son would turn out, I wanted to find something else we could do around Sierra Madre in case the tour ended up lasting 10 minutes or something. I'm still getting to know the areas around Los Angeles, so I decided to Google map Sierra Madre and take a look at the nearby cities. That's when I saw a big green area south of Sierra Madre called the Los Angeles County and State Arboretum.

I figured we could head over there after the tour if we were in the mood, and we ended up stopping by...for a good two hours.

The LA Arboretum is like a big, beautiful, un-sculpted park. It's huge! There's lots of open green space and lots of wooded area. I thought things would be more botanical garden-y with specific paths and signs and plant labels, but it's more like a nature preserve. There were greenhouse areas with carnivorous plants and orchids, but the better part of the Arboretum was the open space.

There were several free-roaming peacocks in the park, which was so weird to see. And did you know that they make sounds that sound like a mew-ing cat?? While we were in the Arboretum, N and I would randomly hear LOUD mew-ing sounds and it took us a long time before we realized it was the peacocks!

There was a large lake in the arboretum..

Along with pretty flowers and waterfalls and strange plants...

While we were there, we saw a sign for a Mushroom Fair that would be held the next weekend. We couldn't make it this year, but we're definitely going next year! N loves mushrooms.

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