Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my christmas present from N

There's a cute little cheese shop in Manhattan called Murray's. It supplies all the fancy-shmancy NYC restaurants with their artisanal cheeses. Even though the store is in SoHo, they manage to have a small network of underground cheese caves that you can tour. I went on the tour with my brother a few years ago--you get to see huge wheels of cheese, and each is tagged with the celebrity chef they're awaiting delivery for. Pretty neat.

Anyway, back to the point. And that point is, I LOVE CHEESE. But there's so many kinds, and I never feel like I get a good sampling of what's out there. So N got me a Pair of the Month subscription from Murray's! Each month I get a cheese and something else paired with it (preserves, honey, or something else that goes well with that specific cheese). The first month I got a super stinky cheese and a peach pear preserve, which was fantastic. The second month I finally remembered to take some photos:

This delivery was of Sapore del Piave, which is similar to Parmigiano Reggiano but a little less nutty, and a jar of marcona almonds in rosemary honey. Sounds tasty, right? Well..it definitely IS.

I had to take a couple photos of the awesome looking jar and packaging. Aren't those marcona almonds mouthwatering??

Anyway, I love getting these deliveries. I love being surprised by what I get and being able to try lots of different and weird cheeses. And it's the gift that keeps on giving! For as long as the membership lasts, at least.

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mia said...

so jealous! I may just have to subscribe myself...