Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do I miss new york city?

I get asked this question once in awhile. Six months after I moved here (which was at the end of June), my answer was an emphatic NO. My thoughts never fondly strayed to NYC. Ever. I was just so glad to not be there anymore. Once in awhile while driving in my car, I'd think, "whew, I am so glad I am not stuck in a hot and smelly subway right now!" or when I'd be at the grocery store, I'd get stuff on great sales and then think, "wow, I am so glad I'm not spending twice as much on crappy produce!"

But enough time has passed now that I can see things a little more clearly. I've realized that there is one huge thing I miss about NYC. And, at times, I miss it a LOT. And that is the snobbery. I really miss the snobbery. NOT the hipster irony that follows the snobbery...but just the snobbery. Because deep down...I'm a total snob.

No, I don't love highbrow culture like opera or classical music or off-broadway plays or art galleries. In fact, I find those things to be kind of boring. But I do miss the general feeling of "worldliness" NYC exudes. I'm not talking about diversity--actually, I think Los Angeles is a lot more diverse than NYC in a lot of ways--but I'm referring more so to a general awareness of things going on around you on a larger scale. I'm not sure if I've pinpointed it down exactly, yet. But I think NYC feels like a member of the world whereas LA feels like a member of the U.S. That might have something to do with the entertainment business being so big and insular here. Did that sound snobby? You bet...because I'm a snob.

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