Sunday, August 8, 2010

corn festival and sichuan food

Last weekend N and I went to the Corn Festival in La Habra, about an hour drive's east of us. It was listed in AAA's Westways magazine (that I mentioned in my last post) in their "5 worth the drive" section. It was a very small, very local festival located in a suburban area, and this year was their 62nd annual corn festival! I thought they'd have (or I hoped they'd have) a lot of corn-based foods to eat, but they didn't have anything corn-y aside from corn on the cob. We still ate ribs, hot wings and horchata, though. I tried to get N to get on one of the carnival rides with me but he wussed out big time.

After the fair we watched The Kids Are Alright, which was pretty darn awesome. Who knew that Mark Ruffalo could act??

I had been craving Sichuan food for quite awhile and I got a suggestion from one of the student workers in my office to head to a restaurant called Yun Chuan Garden in Monterey Park. It was DAMN GOOD. N and I had a tiny Sichuan restaurant by us in Brooklyn which I ended up ordering from about once a month. Nothing can substitute for Sichuan food! I looooove the flavor of sichuan peppercorns, and once I'm craving them, I must have them!! Here's one of the great dishes we had...I believe it's generally called Chong Qing Chicken in Chinese's battered and deep fried bits of spicy, spicy chicken. YUM:

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