Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new moving date

I know I've been out of touch for awhile. Once our move was postponed last year, it felt like we would never get to LA. I avoided feeling disappointed by not thinking about it until the time got closer...well, it's many months later, and the time has finally gotten closer!

We've settled on a new moving date: January 2010. 2010?! Geez, that sounds really, really, far away.

We first were planning on moving in the fall of 2009, when N's 1-year commitment at his job would end. But then my sister got engaged and scheduled her wedding for just around that time. At first I thought I could totally handle being a bridesmaid and helping my sister out with wedding stuff and dealing with my family while moving at the same time--then it became apparent that it was just not a good idea, especially when I had the luxury of making a choice about it. Other factors played in--our lease ends on January 15th, so we won't have to finagle at all with our landlord if we postponed to that time. We'd have more time to save up money, which can't be discounted. Moving to California possibly without jobs lined up for us when we arrive there seems like a stupid, stupid proposition right about now. "But isn't that state imploding?" is the reaction I get when I tell people of my plans. But, hey--statewide implosion or not, I'm going!

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