Saturday, November 8, 2008

unexpected change #1

It was bound to happen, and it did. We've come across our first major change in plans. And it's a biggie.

N was offered a 1-year job that could not be turned down for various reasons. It looks like our six month plan has now become a 12 month plan. I can't say I'm not disappointed. Both of us have been so hyped up and excited for a big change, and now it's been stalled for quite some time. Not to say there aren't benefits--the job itself, of course, and now we have double the amount of time to save money for the move. I'm also very much hoping that maybe with this change we'll be able to buy a car in NYC and do the road trip cross-country to get to LA since we have more time to prep and whatnot. But we'll see.

Tacking on that extra six months has changed everything drastically. Now we both need to sign new leases on apartments here in NYC, and that has been all-consuming, of course. LA basically seems like a pipe dream at this point. But they say time flies, so who knows...maybe I'll dive back into planning before I know it.

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